Faringdon Cars Services

Business Travel at its Best

* Airport service to all major Briitsh airports
Birmingham, Manchester, Heathrow / Gatwick / All Major Airports
* Navigation systems
* Tour Service
* Courier / Parcel Service: Our fast and secure Express Courier Service offers delivery of documents and parcels from A to B urgently. we cover the whole of Oxfordshire.

* Twenty Four Hour Service Guaranteed
* All Drivers’ Fully Insured & Security Checked
* All vehicles compliance checked regularly

VIP Services

Our V.I.P. service goes even further, only our most experienced driver’s earn the privilege to undertake our V.I.P. work.

As chauffeur’s our V.I.P. driver’s are proud of their position and dress accordingly.
Our driver’s always ensure that they themselves and their vehicles are immaculate when on assignment’s. We only use our Executive Class of Vehicle’s for our V.I.P. service and we give our 100% guarantee that the vehicle will be prompt.

Executive Services

Our standard service offer’s a level of luxury that other Companies would describe as their V.I.P service.


All of our car’s, comfortable modern executive car’s, driven by drivers who conform to the strict Faringdon Cars Dress Code.

Drivers are regularly inspected to ensure that they continue to conform to the Dress Code that is expected of then by Faringdon Cars.